6 Tips For Protecting Your Trees From Wildfires in Northern California, especially in the El Dorado area

Apartment Complex Tree Trimming & Removal Services For Your Rental Property in El Dorado Hills

Rental properties are a hefty investment, especially in Sacramento County and El Dorado County. Most investors take great care to assess the houses and apartment buildings they buy. They pay for an appraiser and an inspector to go over every nook and cranny, ensuring that the home has no underlying weaknesses, problems, or looming disasters.

But what about the yard? Weakened or diseased trees can pose just as big of a threat to your rental house or apartment building as an unseen leak or electrical problem. To protect your investment, consider hiring a professional to assess and care for the trees on your rental property. They are as much a part of it like the bricks and mortar of the house, and they also require inspection, maintenance, and preventive care.

Removing Diseased or Damaged Trees

Apart from being an eyesore for your tenants, diseased trees with dying limbs are a threat to the safety of your tenants. Trees damaged from storms, wind, or lightning deserve immediate attention to prevent accidents, for which you, the landlord, would be liable.

Removing falling or weakened limbs can be dangerous business and should not be attempted by the layman, and certainly not by tenants. Unless a lease states otherwise, most states designate tree care as the landlord’s responsibility.

Calling a professional tree service for tree trimming and tree thinning is the safest and most efficient way to get the job done right. Ensure that the commercial tree service you call is adequately licensed and insured for the work you need them to perform.

Tree Care Tips For Rentals

Many landlords are so busy managing tenants and doing repairs that they let their trees become overgrown. Trimming trees, reducing their height, and thinning the branches can increase the health and prolong the life of the trees.

Tree height reduction takes skill and precision. You can’t just lop off the top half of a tree and expect it to flourish. You must perform thinning and shaping of the branches of the tree in order for it to maintain a healthy growth pattern and beautiful shape in the future.

Performing tree height reduction will cut down on branches leaning over the roof, which are a hazard for falling, as well as introducing more leaves to obstruct gutters and drainage of rain and snow. Overgrown limbs can also obstruct the view from upper windows.

Hire Our Team of Tree Removal Pros For Your Tree Service Needs

Properly caring for your trees increases the value of your rental property, both in appreciation as well as the rental value; hiring a commercial tree care service is the easiest, fastest, safest, and most hands-off way to preserve your trees. At Tree Removal Arborist, we not only have our in-house arborists to care for your trees; we have a whole team of specialists at your service. This way, we can address unique situations and your every need for tree care. Call us today for a free, on-site estimate for your El Dorado Hills rental property!