How To Trim Palm Trees (& When You Should)

How To & When It’s Important To Trim Your Palm Trees in El Dorado Hills
Experts have debated on the benefits of tree trimming for palms; some say pruning is unnecessary, but others argue that pruning as fine as long as […]

Northern CA Native Trees

Which Types of Trees Will Thrive in Northern CA? An Overview Of The Common To the Fastest Growing Trees To Plant Around Your Home
Congratulations! You’ve just moved into a new house in El Dorado Hills. You’ve changed the locks, replaced […]

How To Care For Your Trees In Summer Droughts

How to care for your trees during summer droughts in the El Dorado Hills area
El Dorado County, Sacramento County, and the surrounding areas are vulnerable to frequent droughts. Here are some tree care tips for helping your trees survive and […]

6 Tips For Protecting Your Trees From Wildfires

6 Tips For Protecting Your Trees From Wildfires in Northern California, especially in the El Dorado area
The news is fraught with reports of wildfires in California and across the nation every summer. Even in urban areas like El Dorado Hills, Cameron […]

Residential Tree Removal & Maintenance in Folsom

Tree Removal and Tree Maintenance Around Your House in Folsom, California
While some people complain about the high price of real estate in the Folsom, Cameron Park, and El Dorado Hills areas, Sacramento County and El Dorado County are well known […]

What’s the Difference Between Tree Trimming & Tree Thinning?

Tree Care Services: What’s the Difference Between Tree Trimming vs. Thinning

Tree trimming, tree thinning, pruning — what’s the difference? And do my trees really need either one?

Yes, they are different. And yes, your trees need both.
Tree Trimming
Tree trimming is mainly […]

How To Prepare & What To Expect With Tree Removal Service

How To Prepare for & What to Expect During Tree Removal Service in El Dorado Hills
You know that a diseased or damaged tree in your yard needs to go. So now what?

If you have never had a tree removed before, […]

Residential Tree Removal & Maintenance in Cameron Park

Emergency Tree Removal & Maintaining Trees Around Your House in Cameron Park, California
Maintaining the trees in your Sacramento County or El Dorado County home doesn’t have to be complicated. Like all other plants, they need proper nutrients from the soil, […]

Apartment Complex Tree Trimming & Removal El Dorado Hills

Apartment Complex Tree Trimming & Removal Services For Your Rental Property in El Dorado Hills
Rental properties are a hefty investment, especially in Sacramento County and El Dorado County. Most investors take great care to assess the houses and apartment buildings […]

Housing Development Tree Trimming El Dorado Hills

Residential Housing Development Tree Trimming & Maintenance Service in El Dorado Hills, California
Trees give a homey overall first impression of your housing development.

They add shade, beauty, and a sense of permanence and order. They can also be a major headache. […]