DIY Tree Trimming & Removal: Is It Safe To Care For Trees Around My Home Myself?

DIY Tree Trimming & Removal: Is It Safe To Care For Trees Around My Home Myself?

On the surface, removing a dead, diseased, or unwanted tree from your yard may look simple: get out the chainsaw and safety glasses, cut it down, and haul it off.

This may seem like an ideal project to DIY on a Saturday afternoon. But tree removal can be much riskier and more complicated than it first appears. Here are some tree care tips to determine if you can remove dead branches or an entire tree yourself.

When Is It Safe To Remove a Tree Myself?

It depends. If the tree is small, you may be able to remove it yourself, provided you have the proper equipment.

If the tree is large, heavy, or near a structure or utility pole, you are much better off calling a professional tree service to take care of it.

A good rule of thumb is that if you have to climb a ladder to cut down the branches, you should NOT attempt to remove the tree yourself.

The Dangers of DIY Tree Trimming

Ladders and chainsaws are not a good combination. There are too many things that can go wrong.

With just one loose, rotted branch or misjudgment in how far you can lean over can cause you to lose your balance, in the midst of operating a chainsaw. Any money you “saved” by doing it yourself would be quickly eaten up by the ambulance ride to the hospital.

This very real risk is the main reason professionals use lifts when removing large or high branches from trees. Standing on a secure platform decreases your chances of losing your balance and injuring yourself.

Safety Precautions To Keep in Mind

If the tree is small or you can reach the branches to be removed from the ground and you decide to handle the project yourself, be sure to take safety precautions. Clear more of the area than you think you need to for the tree to fall; trees are taller than they appear to be from the ground.

Ensure the chainsaw is sharp and the chain is oiled. ALWAYS wear safety goggles. Chainsaw chaps are also a good idea to protect your legs. Choose two safe routes to run if the tree doesn’t fall in the direction you predicted.

Also, have a partner watch the tree from a safe distance while you cut it down. He or she can warn you if the tree begins to fall at an unexpected angle.

We’re Trained, Certified & Insured For Any Tree Care Project

The above list of safety considerations is by no means comprehensive. Arborists must be trained, certified, and insured to cut down trees, and with good reason. Dozens of people (including some tree care professionals) die each year in the process of trimming or removing trees.

When should you call a tree removal expert?

These tree trimming safety tips will help you minimize your risk of injury, but our best tip is to eliminate that risk by calling a tree care professional to remove your tree.

As a company, Tree Removal Arborist has decades of combined experience trimming and removing trees in the El Dorado Hills area. Safety—for our customers, our employees, the trees, and the property—is our number one priority.