Emergency Tree Service in El Dorado Hills

  • If this is a true emergency, please call 911.

When it comes to emergency tree services for your home or business, there’s only one company to trust: Tree Removal Arborist in El Dorado Hills.

Most tree services can happen on a fairly flexible schedule, however, when it is too late, you end up losing thousands of dollars in repairs. Tree removal just needs to happen before the tree falls on your home, car, boat, porch or even worse, you! We have seen many cases where tree service should have been performed on trees and were an “Accident waiting to happen”. When severe weather storms kick up, you know your house or vehicles may be in threat. Wind and rain are mothers natures way of showing us who is in charge. When the winter season comes into the El Dorado County area, including Cameron Park and Folsom, you need to prepare your yard for the worst. This involves tree trimming, thinning and pruning to prevent trees from becoming upside down umbrellas which can be a potentially life-threatening danger.

These kinds of tree maintenance services do need to happen throughout the year in order to prevent a natural disaster from happening. The difference between a professional tree trimming, thinning and pruning company and a DIY project is that many times, someone may overlook items they think are not a threat during the winter months. Your tree trimming, thinning and pruning needs to be professionally done in order to ensure safe winter months. Feel free to make an appointment anytime, and don’t worry, the world is not going to end between now and that appointment time.

Is it too late to prepare your trees for an emergency service?

With emergency tree services, on the other hand, they are, well, emergencies. They need to be done right away. We understand that “emergency” means “urgent.” We are happy to take last-minute jobs to address whatever tree emergency you might have, to keep a greater catastrophe from happening.

Example of When to Schedule Emergency Tree Service:

  • Dead or hanging branch
  • Tree struck by lightning
  • Tree roots weakened and likely to fall
  • Fallen trees on your home, car, or swimming pool

One of the most common emergencies we get calls about are hanging or dead branches threatening the rooftops of your home or nearby residential or commercial property. Branches can cause an enormous amount of damage if they fall on your roof. If you have a branch that looks like it is about to fall on your roof, you need to give us a call immediately so we can remove it.

Emergency Lightening Service

Did you know that trees that have been struck by lightning can sometimes be saved? If you have had this happen, you need to call us and let us now that it is an emergency. We may be able to save your tree, or at least prevent it from getting even more damaged. But if too much time goes by, the tree can split, become diseased, or die altogether.

Trees in Question of Falling and Damaging your Home

There are many reasons why tree roots might become weakened. They can have the soil washed out from around them. They can suffer when the soil is too dry. Or they can become weak due to a disease or a parasite. If you notice that a tree seems to be weak and may fall, it is essential that you have us take care of your tree. You do not want to have the danger to your property or yourself that can happen if the tree actually falls.

Any circumstance where a tree or a branch is likely to cause harm to your property or to you or another person counts as an emergency. You need to get it taken care of as soon as possible so that something worse does not happen. Call us, Tree Removal Arborist El Dorado Hills, today about our emergency tree services.