Residential Tree Maintenance Care - El Dorado Hills

Residential Housing Development Tree Trimming & Maintenance Service in El Dorado Hills, California

Trees give a homey overall first impression of your housing development.

They add shade, beauty, and a sense of permanence and order. They can also be a major headache. Keeping them watered in El Dorado Hills in the summer, trimming trees, and removing fallen branches after a storm can all impact the neighborhood and your business.

Here are some tree care tips on keeping up with your trimming and maintenance so you can keep the trees in your housing development healthy and your residents happy.

When to Remove Trees On Your Property

Even damaged or diseased trees can often be saved with proper care. Regular maintenance (including thinning and trimming) can prolong the life and enhance the beauty of the trees in your housing development.

However, sometimes tree removal is the only safe option.

This can occur if an accident (vehicle collision, lightning strike, storm damage) or disease damages the tree beyond repair. Sometimes the growth pattern of the tree makes large limb unstable and likely to fall on a house, pool, or play area. Or sometimes a tree becomes too old and large for space where it was planted.

In these instances, calling a certified arborist to assess and remove the tree is the best thing for your property and your bottom line. Delaying tree removal can turn an inconvenience into an emergency.

Commercial & Private Company Tree Trimming & Thinning

Whether you are responsible for a large housing development or a small private company, at Tree Removal Arborist we work with you to provide preventive and emergency commercial tree service at a price that fits your budget.

Pro Tree Maintenance For Your Business in El Dorado Hills

Between winter pruning and thinning, spring fertilizing, and raking fall leaves, creating outdoor spaces with well-kept trees is a full-time job.

Property managers can only do so much, and outsourcing tree service to a professional makes sense for such a demanding, potentially dangerous task.

At Tree Removal Arborist, our lifts and state-of-the-art commercial tree care equipment can handle trees of any age, width, or height. You can trust us to preserve the health of your trees and the beauty of your area of El Dorado Hills…

Need Emergency Service For Fallen Tree or Large Branches?

Actively trimming, pruning, thinning and maintaining your trees is the best way to prevent tree emergencies, but even the most conscientious gardener can’t prevent disasters like downed power lines or wind storms.

If a tree in your neighborhood has large, dead, fallen branches (or branches that look like they might fall), has been struck by lightning or has been uprooted, please call us 916-877-8199 so we can send an arborist to take care of your emergency.

We Work with Contractors For Your Tree Trimming Needs

We eat, live, sleep, and breathe trees. They are our passion and our focus.

But we realize that is not true for the power company, the cable company, the property manager, the zoning committee, or the landscape architect.

Our certified arborists are happy to collaborate with outside contractors to ensure your yard meets your needs for a beautiful, shady lawn. No person (or company) is alone on an island, and we recognize that you need the services of multiple contractors, so we communicate and cooperate in a professional manner and play nice in the sandbox.