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Log Splitting Services in El Dorado Hills, Including Folsom & Cameron Park

If you are looking for log splitting services in El Dorado Hills, you have come to the right place at Tree Removal Arborist of El Dorado Hills! We are proud to be your number one log splitting service in the El Dorado Hills, CA area.

There are several reasons why customers come to us for log splitting in El Dorado Hills, CA:

  • To remove a fallen tree that is in the way
  • To convert unneeded wood or trees into firewood
  • To remove unneeded logs and trees that were trimmed or cut down

If you have had a tree fall on your El Dorado Hills, CA property, the first thing to check is whether it has caused any damage. If it did not fall against a building or a car, you still need to be able to get it off of your property.

Log splitting is a good way to get a fallen tree off your property

A whole tree is obviously too large to move all together, but once it has been chopped up and split it is much more manageable. If you need a fallen tree removed from your El Dorado Hills, CA, property, you should call us to go over all our log splitting services.

The same principle applies for logs, branches, and trees that you have cut down and need to have removed. It can be far too hard to drag an entire log off your property.

But once it is broken into manageable sizes, you can get your property cleaned up in no time. In fact, if you call Tree Removal Arborist of El Dorado Hills and have us help with your log splitting project, we will also help you get your El Dorado Hills, CA property cleaned up.

If you have unneeded logs or trees that you have trimmed or cut down, you should call Tree Removal Arborist of El Dorado Hills for our log splitting services.

Make Sure to Size your Logs Accordingly

Of course, there is one reason for log splitting services in El Dorado Hills that is more important than all the others: splitting logs for firewood.

Most fireplaces are not built to be big enough for a whole log.

And when a tree is cut down, the log that it creates is often large in diameter – too large, at least, for most standard fireplaces or wood burning stoves. You need the logs to be split so you can use them as firewood.

Typical Size Logs for Different Fireplace’s

  • 12
  • 18
  • 24
  • 36

If you are lucky enough to have ample wood to be able to use for your own firewood, that doesn’t mean that you want to spend your time outside with a saw or an axe splitting your own firewood. It also probably isn’t worth it to you to spend thousands of dollars on a machine that can split the logs easily for you.

It is much more efficient, not to mention easier, just to give Tree Removal Arborist of El Dorado Hills a call when you have a log splitting project you need done. We will get out to your El Dorado Hills, CA property, split all your wood for you, and in no time at all, you will have a huge pile of firewood.

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