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How To Prepare for & What to Expect During Tree Removal Service in El Dorado Hills

You know that a diseased or damaged tree in your yard needs to go. So now what?

If you have never had a tree removed before, you likely have a lot of questions: How do you remove a large tree? Do I need to prepare my property before the tree is removed? Should I hire a tree service, or can I just take a chainsaw to it myself? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Do the roots come out with it, or is a stump left behind? Read on to find the answers to these questions and more about tree removal.

Preparing for Tree Removal

Clear out your yard prior to the tree service appointment, especially if the tree you are removing is large. Keep in mind that large trees that cannot be felled whole need to be cut down in pieces from the top, and you will need space for the branches that come down. Usually a tree service professional will cut down large tree branches from a lift, which will require some parking space while the tree is removed. Create a clear path between the tree and the workers’ vehicles.

Remove breakable items such as flower pots, benches, lawn furniture, etc. from the area also. Pets and livestock should be moved away from the work area, as they could be a hazard do themselves and the workers.

In addition to physically preparing your yard, make sure your arrangements with the professional tree care service are in place. Have the arborist do an on-site consultation prior to removing the tree, and ensure that your contract includes all the services and details you need. Generally, stump removal is an extra charge, so be mindful of this when drafting a scope of work.

What to Expect During Tree Removal

At first glance, removing a tree doesn’t sound too hard. Just turn on the chainsaw and yell “Timber!”, right? If you have a small tree in the middle of an empty field, this would work fine. But if you have a large tree next to a house in a densely populated suburb, matters become more complicated.

If the tree is small or there is adequate space to fell it in one piece, the tree removal specialists will cut the tree on the side they want it to fall. A worker will weaken that side by cutting a wedge into the base of the tree, then cut a slice on the opposite side, ensuring that the chainsaw does not get pinched by the weight of the tree.

If the tree is large or close to a building or utility pole, the worker will cut the tree down piece by piece, often lowering large branches with a rope to prevent damage to nearby property. This takes considerably longer but is the only option to preserve the safety of all involved. The workers then haul off the trunk and branches, and only the stump remains.

The cost involved in removing a tree depends greatly on how large the tree is and how difficult it will be to remove given the proximity to buildings, utility poles, etc. Prices can range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars, so be sure to get a consultation for your specific case. If you need tree removal service, call Tree Removal Arborist at 916-877-8199 or sign up online for a free estimate.