DIY Tree Trimming & Removal: Is It Safe To Care For Trees Around My Home Myself?

Emergency Tree Removal & Maintaining Trees Around Your House in Cameron Park, California

Maintaining the trees in your Sacramento County or El Dorado County home doesn’t have to be complicated. Like all other plants, they need proper nutrients from the soil, water, and sunlight. But unlike other plants, sometimes trees do need some extra care to maintain an attractive shape and to ensure that they stay free from disease and damage. Here are some tree care tips to keep the trees at your Cameron Park or El Dorado Hills home looking their best.

Removing Diseased or Damaged Trees

Leaves that turn brown or have black splotches can be signs of a diseased tree. Crumbling bark or yellow or black streaks just under the bark can also be indicators of a problem. Just like people, trees can contract many different diseases in many different ways, and each requires a different treatment. These can involve tree height reduction, tree thinning or spraying fungicides or other treatments on or near the tree.

Our seasoned crew of certified arborists is well-equipped to diagnose and treat a variety of tree ailments that are common in El Dorado County. If you notice that a portion of your tree is dying off, or notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, please give Tree Removal Arborists a call at 916-877-8199. Just as with human health problems, the earlier your tree gets the proper treatment, the more likely it is that the damage will not be permanent.

When to Remove Trees On Your Property

Sometimes, a tree does get diseased or damaged beyond repair, and no tree thinning or tree trimming can help. In these cases, a commercial tree service should safely remove the tree. Contrary to popular belief, this is not as easy as taking a chainsaw to the trunk and shouting “Timber!”, especially in a densely populated area like Cameron Park or El Dorado Hills. To minimize the risk of damage to buildings, vehicles, and people, make an appointment with a commercial tree service to remove the tree.

Need Emergency Tree Service

If you need trees or branches removed urgently from your Cameron Park or El Dorado Hills home, please give us a call. At Tree Removal Arborist, we provide excellent service with prompt response time. We realize that one fallen tree can have a significant impact on your home and your life—especially if it is on your roof or blocking your driveway! Give us a call for all of your emergency tree service needs.

Hire Our Team of Tree Removal Pros For Your Tree Service Needs

At Tree Removal Arborist, we have a team of thoroughly-vetted, experienced professionals to meet your every tree care need. Whether you need routine tree trimming in Sacramento County, tree height reduction in El Dorado County, or fallen branches removed in Cameron Park, we are here to help. There is no obligation, and we are able to accommodate your schedule. Give us a call at 916-877-8199 or sign up online for a free, on-site estimate for professional tree care.