Residential Tree Maintenance Care - El Dorado Hills

Tree Removal and Tree Maintenance Around Your House in Folsom, California

While some people complain about the high price of real estate in the Folsom, Cameron Park, and El Dorado Hills areas, Sacramento County and El Dorado County are well known for beautiful weather and beautiful homes. As they say, you get what you pay for. Residents of these areas have great pride of ownership.

A well-maintained yard can have a significant impact on the property value and beauty of your home. This involves much more than just mowing your lawn and raking leaves. Proper tree care is key to maintaining a healthy, vibrant landscape. Regular residential tree service can help you create or keep a beautiful Folsom, Cameron Park, or El Dorado Hills home.

Removing Diseased or Damaged Trees

Blights, fungi, and other diseases can injure even the most well-established trees, but they can often be saved with proper, professional tree care. Our network of certified arborists will thoroughly inspect your ailing trees, diagnose the problem, and give you some tree care tips so you can improve the health of your trees.

Damage from storms, wind, or accidents can be managed by proper tree trimming of the damaged branches, as well as tree thinning to balance the other side. This task is not as simple as it appears and can be quite dangerous, so please call a professional residential tree service to remove damaged branches from your trees.

When to Remove Trees On Your Property

If you have lived in your Sacramento County home for a long time, removing a tree from your yard can feel like losing an old friend. So what happens when one of your prized trees needs to be removed?

Our arborists first inspect the tree to make sure there are no alternatives to treat the problem. If tree removal is the best option, the arborist will inform you of a plan (mitigating any risks of damage to surrounding buildings, vehicles, utility poles, etc.), and give you a free quote. You can then call us at 916-877-8199 to schedule a prompt removal of your damaged or diseased tree.

Need Emergency Tree Service?

Occasionally, homeowners in the Fulsom and Cameron Park areas find themselves in need of emergency tree service. This can result from dead limbs hanging over that are at risk of falling or a downed tree blocking a driveway. If you require emergency tree service, Tree Removal Arborist provides prompt, safe help to fix the problem. (For life-threatening emergencies, please call 911.)

Hire Our Team of Tree Removal Pros For Your Tree Service Needs

While raking leaves and mowing lawns are fine to do yourself, penny-pinching to save money on tree care can cost you—sometimes in the life of your trees.

You can Google tree care tips and hope that you implement them correctly, or you can call a professional and ensure you protect the investment you have made in your Folsom or El Dorado Hills home. Saving damaged or diseased trees can be particularly hazardous, so if you are in need of specialized tree service, please give us a call at 916-877-8199.