Palm Tree Trimming Service - Tree Removal Arborist in El Dorado Hills

Retirement Community Tree Removal Services in El Dorado Hills, CA

Healthy, vibrant trees are essential to creating a tranquil, inviting atmosphere in a retirement community. Many seniors enjoy the outdoors and gardening, but no longer have the desire or ability to do so. So trees are more important than ever for any senior living community. Here are a few tree care tips for ensuring that the trees in your community are healthy and safe for the enjoyment of the residents at your retirement community.

Removing Diseased or Damaged Trees

If you suspect any of the trees in your community are diseased or damaged (even if only a portion of the tree looks bad), be sure to contact a licensed commercial tree service. Diseases can weaken the tree in places that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Do not attempt to remove a damaged or diseased tree yourself, especially if the tree is tall, large, or the damage is extensive. Special equipment is required to remove large trees piece by piece, ensuring that no person or property is damaged. A professional tree removal expert will ensure that when portions of the tree fall, they will fall safely, without threatening any surrounding property. This is especially true if the tree is near a building, pool, or powerline. The cost savings of cutting down large, damaged branches are not worth the risk to life and limb — yours or the trees.

Maintaining Trees For Tenant Safety

Removing trees suffering from damage or disease is especially important in a retirement community. Rotting or dead branches pose a serious risk to an unsuspecting senior resident out for a morning walk. Low branches, old stumps, and even unraked leaves create hazards that can result in falls, which can be especially dangerous for seniors.

If your retirement community is in need of tree removal, please give us a call. Our certified arborists will make a thorough assessment and will try to save the tree if possible before recommending removal. Often damaged or diseased trees can be saved if the problem is caught early enough. If removing the tree is the best option, the arborist will create a comprehensive plan to safely fell and remove the tree from the property.

Preventing Tree Emergencies On Community Property

Even if the trees in your community are largely healthy, regular maintenance from a certified arborist will help to keep them that way. Regular tree trimming and thinning help the tree maintain a balanced growth pattern, free from wayward, low, or unbalanced limbs. A regular check for infections such as a blight or fungus can ensure that there are no hidden problems undermining the health and stability of the trees in your retirement community.

We Work With Contractors For Your Tree Trimming Needs

Perhaps your retirement community requires some unique tree services, such as stump grinding or tree height reduction. Our extensive network of professional contractors helps us provide a full gamut of services to our customers in El Dorado Hills. Call us or sign up online for a free, no-obligation, on-site estimate for commercial tree service for your retirement community.