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Tree Stump Grinding Service in El Dorado Hills

Stump grinding is an alternative method of stump removal. Many home and business owners choose stump grinding instead of removal for several reasons:

  • It is cheaper.
  • It is faster.
  • It does the job just as well, for certain purposes.
  • It is better for your soil.

Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

Stump grinding and stump removal are two completely different services and we offer both.

  • Stump Grinding: Stump grinding is much faster than removal. Instead of digging out the entire stump all the way down to the roots, all we do for stump grinding is come in with a grinding wheel and grind down the stump until it is around 20 inches below the surface of the ground. Then we fill in the top with dirt so that grass can grow over it.
  • Stump Removal: Stump removal is the process of digging out the entire stump and evacuating the entire root ball of the tree to ensure proper ground performance, whether you are looking to plant a lawn or build an outdoor kitchen.

Stump Grinding is Cheaper than Stump Removal

At Tree Removal Arborist El Dorado Hills, we know that you want to save money on tree care costs. If there is a solution that will cost you less money but will do just as good a job, we will always recommend it for you!

There are some cases where stump grinding is not recommended and instead, removal is. You have to remember that the stump will still be there in the ground. It will just be covered up with dirt. If you need to be able to dig down past the 20 inches below ground level where the stump is, you may need to think about, instead, removing it by one of our professional arborists.

If you are not going to be digging down into the ground very far, though, stump grinding is actually better for the soil than stump removal. This is because it’s going to decompose in the ground. As it decomposes, the stump releases nutrients into the soil. It also helps to hold water in the soil to keep your plants healthy. Therefore if stump grinding is an option for you at your home or business, it’s definitely the option we recommend.

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