Which Types of Trees Will Thrive in Northern CA?  An Overview Of The Most Common To the Fastest Growing Types of Trees To Plant Around Your Home

Which Types of Trees Will Thrive in Northern CA? An Overview Of The Common To the Fastest Growing Trees To Plant Around Your Home

Congratulations! You’ve just moved into a new house in El Dorado Hills. You’ve changed the locks, replaced the carpets, and painted the bedrooms. Now comes the really difficult decision – what to plant in the yard.

You likely know about the droughts common to El Dorado County, but what you may not know is which plants will thrive in Northern California. Read on to discover which types of trees grow best in the El Dorado Hills and Fulsom area and where to find them.

Types of Trees that Thrive in Northern CA

Choosing native trees to your area is the first step in assuring your saplings will survive and thrive.

Native trees are adapted to heat/cold cycles, wind, humidity levels, seasons, etc. and need less care and maintenance than non-native species.

If you do choose non-native species, check the plant’s description and care instructions to make sure your yard will have adequate space, light, water, and the appropriate soil content for the tree. Better yet — speak to the nursery staff or your local county extension agency.

They will know about particular issues and tree care tips for specific species in your particular area.

When you are choosing trees for your property, plan for the tree you will have in 25 years, not just the sapling you carry home from the nursery. Plant them in areas that will make tree maintenance easy, away from houses, sidewalks, utility poles, etc.

Don’t forget that the root system of a tree reaches 1.5 to 4 times further out than the canopy, and plan your placement accordingly.

Our Favorite Trees for Northern CA

There are literally hundreds of tree species that will thrive in the El Dorado/Folsom area, so we will highlight just a few of our favorites.

#1. Western Redbud

The Western Redbud can either be classified as a large shrub or a small tree.

It boasts beautiful magenta blooms every April. A popular ornamental choice, it made The California Native Plant Society’s list of top 10 native plants for the El Dorado County area. It requires full sun and some deep watering in the summertime.

#2. Box Elder

The Box Elder is well-suited to the soil and climate of the El Dorado area.

It can grow as high as 15 meters (50 feet) and is drought tolerant. It grows quickly and is available in many varieties with unique leaf colors (purple, red, or bronze).

#3. White Silver Fir

A White Silver Fir is a great choice if you are looking for an evergreen.

These are commonly cultivated as Christmas trees because of their pyramid shape, and they can live over 300 years. Full-grown, these firs can be 25 – 60 meters tall (85-195 feet), so make sure you have space before planting one.

Where to Find Native Trees

Local nurseries are likely to carry common species like maples and firs, but if you want a redbud or net leaf hackberry, you may have to look a little harder.

The El Dorado Chapter of the Native Plant Society has a helpful resource page here.

It includes information on native plants, where to find them, and links to pages such as the California Native Plant Link Exchange, where you can search for native plant nurseries by county.

Though native trees may be harder to locate, the lower maintenance and drought tolerance make them well worth the search.

Call Tree Removal Arborist El Dorado Hills For Help!

Even after reading this article and researching the many types of trees that will thrive in the Northern CA area, you might still be overwhelmed with the best option for your home.

Call Tree Removal Arborist and have one of our certified arborist experts walk you through the best options for your specific home and location for when deciding on which trees to plant on your property. We will come to your home for a FREE complete assessment and come up with a custom plan for adding trees to your property.